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Your Dog And Lepto

Have you heard of Leptospirosis, or Lepto? This is a very dangerous disease, one that can affect both people and pets. It’s named for the Leptospira bacteria, which is a bacteria that thrives in water and damp soil. With mud …
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If Pets Had Thumbs

There’s a pretty important holiday coming up: March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! As you may know, our opposable thumbs seem to have played a pretty big role in our development and success as a species. Thumbs are …
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Anxiety In Dogs

Did you know that our canine companions can suffer from anxiety, just as people can? Fido is very emotional, and he can feel frightened or scared about certain things. Read on as a Wheat Ridge, CO vet offers some advice …
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Doggy Date Night Ideas

Doggy Date Night is February 3rd! This cute pet holiday is actually a reminder for people to spend some quality time with their pets. Fido is very loyal and loving, and really just wants to spend time with you. Show …
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Pampering A Senior Cat

Is your feline buddy in her golden years? Cats can live well into their teens, and maybe even into their 20’s with good care. Given that they are considered seniors by age nine, that means your little buddy can have …
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Purrfect Resolutions For People With Cats

Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2022? Whether you have lofty goals for the year, or just want to focus on small changes, it’s always healthy to strive for growth and self-improvement. That applies to pet ownership as …
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Fido's Holiday Wish List

Season’s Greetings! We hope that all of you are having a wonderful holiday season. We know that many of our canine companions get lots of extra love—and treats—at this time of year. Fido also deserves some special goodies. After all, …
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Kitty Holiday Traditions

The holiday season is officially here! It’s great to get together with friends and family, and reconnect over our favorite seasonal dishes and events. As it turns out, some of our feline patients have a few traditions of their own. …
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Thanksgiving Dinner For Fido

Thanksgiving is coming up fast! Food is definitely at the top of the agenda for many folks. It’s always great to enjoy a delicious feast with your loved ones. Of course, our canine pals will be paying very close attention …
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Senior Dog Care For Cold Weather

Winter is just over the horizon! At this time of year, many of our canine patients are starting to spend more time curled up in their beds than running and playing outside. If your pup is in his senior years, …
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