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Keeping the Kitties Content

Kitties are without a doubt the perfect little companions. These adorable little creatures are bursting with personality and charm, despite their small size. Fluffy is also a low-maintenance pet. In order to ensure that her basic needs are met, you’ll…

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Doggy Anxiety: Providing Support for Fido

It may surprise you to learn that dogs and people can experience anxiety. Our dog friends have strong emotions. Fido may go through periods of anxiety, melancholy, loneliness, and bereavement. He may have some physical and emotional strain from this….

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Pallas Cat Day

You’ve heard the saying that every dog has its day. Well, we think every kitty also deserves a special day. We’re putting one very cute and mysterious cat at center stage for this one. April 23rd is Pallas Cat Day!…

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Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog Bite Prevention Week always takes place during the second week of April. This is a pretty serious issue. Every year, roughly 4.5 people are bitten by dogs. While fortunately many of those bites do not cause serious injury, many…

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Keeping Fido in Shape

Does your furry friend love jumping around, running, and playing? Or do you have a fuzzy, barking, couch potato on four legs? No matter which group your canine buddy is in, he needs to stay active to remain healthy and…

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Ways You Can Relieve Itching In Pets

Have you noticed that your furry friend has been itching a lot lately? It’s probably not a big deal if Fluffy or Fido only scratches themselves once in a while. We all have to deal with the occasional itch! On…

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Giving Fido Dog Biscuits

Does your dog like treats? It’s probably safe to say that the answer to that one is a resounding yes. Although our canine companions all have different personalities and preferences, they all love treats! Snacks are a great way to…

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How To Be A Great Cat Owner

Our feline friends are known for being one of the easiest pets to keep. You won’t have to walk or train your kitty, and she’ll take care of her own grooming needs. Most cats also spend a rather ridiculous amount…

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