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Things Cats Will Never Admit To

Our feline pals are full of cute quirks and habits. While we’ve learned quite a bit about FLuffy over the past few centuries, there are still plenty of things we don’t quite understand. We also have a few suspicions about…

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Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Fall

Fall is just a week away! Pumpkins, sweaters, and delicious coffees are definitely on the agenda for many people over the coming weeks. As it turns out, our feline overlords are also planning a few things for the coming months….

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Simple Memorial Projects For Kids

September is Pet Memorial Month. It can be very painful and difficult to have to say goodbye to a beloved animal companion. The loss of a pet can also be really hard for kids. In fact, this is the first…

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Why Is My Cat Hiding?

Has your feline friend been hiding a lot lately? This can be purrplexing behavior. Withdrawing is completely normal for some kitties, but can be a serious sign of distress or illness in others. Here, a Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists…

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Cat Care For Beginners

Are you a first-time cat owner? Whether you’ve taken in a kitty from a friend or family member, found a cute furball that needed a home, or just decided to take the plunge into pet ownership, you’re setting out on…

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Craft For Your Local Shelters Day

Animal lovers, take note: July 21st is Craft For Your Local Shelters Day. That’s a pawesome cause! Shelters go through supplies very quickly in caring for their adorable furry wards, and always need new things. Here, a Lakewood, CO vet…

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What To Do If Your Dog Gets Lost

Having a beloved pet go missing can be absolutely heartbreaking. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon. About a third of our animal companions get lost at some point during their lives. We hope that our patients stay safe and sound at home,…

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Wadsworth Stress In Cats

Is your cat acting withdrawn, grumpy, scared, or even aggressive? Our feline friends are all unique individuals, and some are definitely calmer and friendlier than others. However, just like people, kitties can suffer from stress and anxiety, which can also…

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dog with brown and white fur smiling at the camera

5 Reasons To Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

Pet Appreciation Week starts June 4th. We’re all in on this one! Our furry friends are much more than four-legged barking or purring roommates. Their cuddles and antics really do improve our lives, and are even good for our health….

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Clues Your Cat May Be Spoiled

May is National Pet Month! We love celebrating all of the various pet-related awareness events. It’s also fun to offer cute ways to celebrate, many of which of course involve completely pampering your pet. Of course, our feline pals figured…

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