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How To Be A Great Cat Owner

Our feline friends are known for being one of the easiest pets to keep. You won’t have to walk or train your kitty, and she’ll take care of her own grooming needs. Most cats also spend a rather ridiculous amount…

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cat with orange and white fur pawing its face

Keeping Kitty Out Of The Tree

Happy Holidays! It’s always a joy to admire the festive decor that comes with this time of year. A big annual highlight for us is receiving heartwarming cards and photos from our clients. We especially adore seeing snapshots of Fido…

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DIY Pocket Pet Toys

Do you have a pocket pet, such as a gerbil, mouse, or hamster? These little guys can make pretty charming additions to any household. They’re very popular as kids’ pets, and also sometimes as companions for those who live in…

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Fetch With Fluffy

National Fetch Day is coming up October 21st. Of course, we usually associate Fetch with our canine companions. However, there are also some kitties out there who enjoy this game. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet delves into this quirky feline…

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Things Cats Will Never Admit To

Our feline pals are full of cute quirks and habits. While we’ve learned quite a bit about FLuffy over the past few centuries, there are still plenty of things we don’t quite understand. We also have a few suspicions about…

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Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Fall

Fall is just a week away! Pumpkins, sweaters, and delicious coffees are definitely on the agenda for many people over the coming weeks. As it turns out, our feline overlords are also planning a few things for the coming months….

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