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Cute Ways Cats Show Affection 

Does your feline buddy sometimes smack objects off your table or counters with her paw, and then give you a superior, haughty look? This cute but slightly bratty kitty quirk may actually be Fluffy’s way of trying to get your…

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How To Talk Cat

Do you have a chatty cat? Or is your furball usually quiet, except when she wants to let you know she’s ready for dinner? Just like people, kitties all have their own unique vocalization patterns. In fact, Fluffy can make…

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Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Is your dog due for an exam? Fido would probably rather take yet another nap than come to see us, but those trips to the clinic are for his own good. Of course, proper veterinary care is just one aspect…

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Your Pet’s First Acupuncture Appointment

Acupuncture has become quite popular in the veterinary world in recent years. It can be used to treat a variety of different issues, including cancer, arthritis, metabolic diseases, kidney and liver trouble, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism, and trauma. A Wheat Ridge, CO…

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Winter Paw Care Tips

Winter is officially upon us. Don’t forget that your canine pal is running around barefoot … or bare pawed. The dry air, snow, ice, salt, and sand can be rough on dogs’ paws. Fido’s furry feet need some extra TLC…

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Resolutions For Puppies

Happy New Year! Are you starting out 2023 with a puppy? If so, your little buddy has quite a bit to accomplish this year. Not only does little Fido have lots of growing to do, he also has important things…

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Brown hairy dog wearing a reindeer hat and a black cat wearing a santa hat

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Season’s Greetings! The holiday events and festivities are really going full force now. This time of year can be just as fun for pets as it is for people. However, it can also be dangerous! A Wheat Ridge, CO veterinarian…

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Brown furry dog sitting in the mountains

Taking Fido To The Mountains

Did you know that International Mountain Day is December 11? That’s definitely a relevant occasion for us here in Colorado. We are lucky enough to live along the Rockies, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world! A…

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Two husky dogs with party hats and a dog cake


There’s a new doggy holiday on the calendar. Wolfenoot may be our new favorite day! Wolfenoot is meant to celebrate the spirit of the wolf, Man’s Best Friend’s ancestor. It’s also a way to show appreciation and support for anyone…

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White cat with brown ears and long pink pompoms

Benefits Of Playing With Your Cat

Kitties are nothing if not cute. Of course, while Fluffy is always adorable, she’s at her most charming when she’s hard at play. It’s almost impossible not to chuckle at our feline pals’ silly antics! Actually, playing with your cat…

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