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Clues Your Cat May Be Spoiled

May 15, 2023

May is National Pet Month! We love celebrating all of the various pet-related awareness events. It’s also fun to offer cute ways to celebrate, many of which of course involve completely pampering your pet. Of course, our feline pals figured out how to get us to spoil them a long time ago. Here, a Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some signs that Fluffy may be a little bit spoiled. 

Mountain Of Toys

Do you find a small mountain of cat toys every time you move your sofa? If so, your furry little lion might be a bit pampered.

Boxes, Boxes Everywhere 

Fluffy’s box obsession may be a bit purrplexing, but it’s also really adorable. If your MOA for getting packages delivered is to always offer your feline buddy the box, you may have a spoiled kitty on your hands. (This applies to paper grocery bags, too.)


Does Fluffy sprawl out in the middle of the floor? Does your kitty have no qualms about nudging you while you’re sleeping so you’ll move over for her? Do you find yourself relegated to one part of the bed, while your drowsy pet takes up a huge swath of it? 

Kitty Luxuries

Our feline friends love high places. (You can’t blame them, really: they don’t have a very good view from ground level.) However, if you have shelves and wall furniture for your playful pet to run and play on, you may have a pampered pet. And, if FLuffy has a catwalk that goes all the way around, yep, she may be spoiled. Catios and cat enclosures would definitely put your little buddy into the pampered princess kitty group.


There are some really cute gadgets for Fluffy on the market today. There are smart toys, remote-controlled toys, automated laser pointers, pet drinking fountains, and self-cleaning litterboxes. Your furry little pal may not care about how modern or advanced these things are, but she will definitely appreciate the effort. 


At the end of the day, kitties don’t care about money: they really just want to feel loved and safe. If Fluffy is happy, healthy, and is living her best nine lives, congratulations! Your furball is likely quite pleased with her lot in life.

Do you have questions about cat care? As your Wheat Ridge, CO  veterinary clinic, we are always  here to help. Call us anytime!