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Our Veterinarians

Meet the folks who make it all happen. We see big potential in every moment, and care deeply about what we do every day.

Dr. Erika Olson

Dr. Erika Olson, DVM


Ask Dr. Olson what motivates her, day in and day out, and she won’t hesitate to say, “Helping animals feel their best and assisting their owners.” There’s nothing more important to her than making a difference in the lives of people and pets alike!

Dr. Olson joined Wadsworth Animal Hospital in 2010. It was a welcome change of pace to go from the corporate world to working in a private practice. While she loves just about all aspects of her job, she has a particular affinity for geriatric medicine. There’s just something truly rewarding about helping older pets age gracefully and ensuring that they spend their golden years in health and comfort.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Olson enjoys spending time with family, running and creating terrible messes in the kitchen. Her husband Matt, daughter Maggie and son Cole have been known to bring their dogs camping and allowing them to get dirty and sleep in their tent.

Dr. Heather Moffett

Dr. Heather Moffett, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

When you grow up on a farm, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up having a deep appreciation and respect for animals. This is definitely the case with Dr. Moffett, an associate Veterinarian at Wadsworth Animal Hospital. Growing up on an Ohio farm stoked her interest in animals from a young age, and catapulted her to the position she holds today!

Animals aren’t the only things Dr. Moffett had a passion for while growing up – she also loved science. She followed her passion by studying Biology at Mount Vernon Nazarene University, and then earning her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ohio State. This led her to moving to Utah, where she was able to practice large and small animal medicine and get her feet wet in the field. Her fondest memory was an instance where a bull escaped from the facility she was working in and went scampering off downtown!

Dr. Moffett has called Wadsworth Animal Hospital home since 2015, when she found herself searching for an equal balance of work and life. One of her favorite parts of being at the clinic is the opportunity to practice dermatology on animals and resolve their skin conditions. In addition to this, she also loves meeting new puppies and kittens and ensuring that their lives begin on a healthy, happy note.

While she’s Dr. Moffett at the animal hospital, she’s just “mom” at home. She and her husband have 3 children, along with a Shih Tzu who keeps the family entertained with her escape artist antics. Dr. Moffett has an affinity for travelling, and lists Italy as her favorite place to visit.

Dr. Danielle Graziano

Dr. Danielle Graziano, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Everyone has that moment where the light bulb comes on and they realize that they’re on the right path in life. For Dr. Graziano, that moment came while she was fostering a sick kitten named “Milo” during her undergraduate studies. The feline was battling panleukopenia and suffering gravely. But Dr. Graziano tended to and nursed him every 4 hours for weeks on end, until he returned to full health. It was then she knew that she was on the right path!

Dr. Graziano grew up in Long Island, NY. She had a childhood Golden Retriever named Sienna who she would regularly take to the vet, and while there, she would be fascinated by the staff working. That memory inspired her to obtain knowledge in animal science, and use that knowledge to help animals heal.

After studying animal science at UMASS-Amherst, Dr. Graziano decided to attend veterinary school at Michigan State. Next up came a move to Colorado, which was a perfect fit due to her love of nature, mountains and sunshine. After having been at Wadsworth Animal Hospital for a months, she can already tell that it’s the perfect fit. Whether it’s tending to a sick animal or dancing and singing to clients and staff, she is all about making those around her smile and feel comfortable!

Even when she’s not at the clinic helping save lives, Dr. Graziano keeps herself pretty busy. An avowed cat lover, she has plenty of pets at home – an adventurous cat, along with 2 furry rabbits. She enjoys horseback riding, going on hikes, birding, dancing, and if you’re lucky enough, she might even make a song about your cats!

Dr. Gina Choi

Dr. Gina Choi, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Choi grew up in Downey, California. A first generation Korean-American, Dr. Choi credits her parents and brother for inspiring her to always work hard. In her role as Associate DVM, Dr. Choi loves connecting with people and promoting the relationship between humans and their furry kids. Witnessing firsthand the effect that animals have on us, and vice versa, is truly heartwarming!

Dr. Choi began her career as a Veterinary Technician in both southern and northern California while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Animal Science at UC Davis. She then moved to Colorado to pursue her DVM with Colorado State University. Clinically, Dr. Choi has a special interest in ophthalmology and surgery.

One of the most defining moments in Dr. Choi’s career occurred while working in the critical care unit at CSU, when she was tasked with caring for a patient who had gone into severe anaphylactic shock. On her hard days, she still thinks about the relief and joy that pet’s family experienced upon her discharge after a grueling 2 weeks. It is this experience that motivates her to work harder for her patients and their families.

Dr. Choi lives with her partner, Hunter, and their blue heeler mix, Nyx. Nyx loves training her brain and is working on agility. She is interested in martial arts and is trained in Krav Maga, Muy Thai, and has a 2nd degree black belt in Kendo.

Dr. Lindsay Dillon

Dr. Lindsay Dillon

Associate Veterinarian

Bio coming soon!

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