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Halloween With Fido

Halloween is almost here! This time of year is absolutely gorgeous here in Colorado. It’s a great time for enjoying long walks with your canine pal, or perhaps sitting by a firepit with him. Autumn can be dangerous for pets, …
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Fun Facts About Poodles

Do you have a poodle? If so, you’ll want to set a reminder to get Fido a special treat tomorrow : it’s Poodle Day! This fun, energetic pooch definitely has some dedicated fans. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses this …
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How to add hover to images in Duda.co

Duda does not provide a widget to do this natively, but it can be achieved quite easily with a few lines of CSS code. You can add the main image as the background of a column, for example: Then you can take …
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How to host email on Duda.co

Duda does not provide email hosting services, so you can’t host email on Duda directly. However, there are email hosts that are easy to set up with Duda. For examples on classic hosting where you have a cPanel with the site …
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Benefits Of Acupuncture In Pets

Did you know that acupuncture is becoming quite widespread and popular in the world of veterinary medicine? This ancient practice has some remarkable and unique benefits for both people and pets. A Wheat Ridge, CO veterinarian lists some of the …
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Keeping Kitty Fit

Is your cat sleeping right now? It wouldn’t exactly be a huge shock if the answer to that question was yes. Our feline buddies certainly are tired! Fluffy’s napping predilection may be cute, but it does make it easy for …
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Giving Your Dog Treats

Does your canine pal perk up at the very thought of a yummy treat? Dogs are always cute, but they manage to be extra adorable when they’re vying for a snack. Giving Fido his biscuits isn’t exactly rocket science, but …
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Common Cat Care Mistakes

Cats are known for being easy keepers, which is one reason they’re so popular. Fluffy cleans herself daily, doesn’t really need training, and will discreetly use a litterbox to see to her needs. However, kitties aren’t completely autonomous. They do …
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