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Things Cats Will Never Admit To

October 1, 2023

Our feline pals are full of cute quirks and habits. While we’ve learned quite a bit about FLuffy over the past few centuries, there are still plenty of things we don’t quite understand. We also have a few suspicions about some of Fluffy’s behavior … including some things she’ll probably never fess up to. A local Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists a few of them below.

Being A Serial Killer

Fluffy is very very cute. She’s also quite loveable and cuddly. However, there’s a murderer lurking behind that adorable furry face. Cats kill billions of smaller animals every year. Even more disturbing? Many cats hunt purely for fun.

Deliberate Hairball Placement

Hairballs are one of the few downsides of having a cat. It’s unfortunately par for the course for Fluffy to get the occasional hairball. That said, some of our feline friends seem suspiciously adept at leaving these messes in the most inconvenient spots ever.

Ignoring Us On Purrpose

Fluffy’s actually already been busted for this one. Researchers have confirmed that yes, kitties sometimes do ignore their humans. Of course, we already knew that cats do what they want, when they want.

Running On Solar

Have you ever caught your feline buddy napping in a sunbeam? We’re guessing that for most of you, the answer to that one is a resounding yes. It’s always cute seeing kitties recharging their catteries by sunbathing. However, you have to wonder if there’s perhaps something more going on.


Kitties seem to follow their own laws when it comes to physics. Fluffy can sleep in positions usually associated with knots and pretzels, is incredibly lithe, and purrs at a frequency that actually heals tissue. You may have also noticed that Fluffy has a bit of a knack for moving from one spot to another without being noticed.


Did you know that our furry ovelords only speak to their humans? Kitties usually communicate with each other using body language, facial expressions, and, on occasion, sheer violence. Cats may actually have started meowing just to manipulate us. As it turns out, making cries that sound quite a bit like those of human infants is a very effective way to yank at our heartstrings … and get us to offer food, shelter, lap space and, later on, catnip, furniture, and toys.

Please reach out with questions or concerns about your cat’s health or care. As your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, we’re here to help!