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5 Reasons To Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

June 1, 2023

Pet Appreciation Week starts June 4th. We’re all in on this one! Our furry friends are much more than four-legged barking or purring roommates. Their cuddles and antics really do improve our lives, and are even good for our health. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some reasons to celebrate our animal companions below.

They Keep Us Active

Did you know that studies have shown that people with dogs tend to be fitter and slimmer than people without pups? Those regular walks aren’t just beneficial for sanitary reasons. Getting outdoors and getting active is great for you and Fido, both mentally and physically.

They Help Us At Work

The love and companionship pets offer can brighten up even the worst days. Our animal companions can not only help reduce work-related stress, they also increase productivity and workplace morale. For instance, having Fido pop into a zoom meeting helps build trust and camaraderie.

They Help Kids

As it turns out, our furry friends are also good for children. Man’s Best Friend can help kids with ADHD improve their concentration. A study followed two groups of children with ADHD for 12 weeks. The first group read to dogs for a half an hour every week. The second group read to dog puppets. The results? The kids who read to real pooches had fewer behavioral issues, and were better at sharing and cooperating! That isn’t the only way pets benefit kids, though. Studies have also shown that kids with pets have stronger immune systems and fewer allergies than those who don’t.

Reduce Stress

It’s probably safe to say that many of you have, at some point, cuddled your furry friend when you were feeling down, or maybe just having a bad day. Snuggling pets helps soothe people who are coping with trauma, illness, or depression. Fido and Fluffy’s affectionate cuddles also reduce cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, and boosts production of oxytocin, the cuddle hormone.  

They Make Us Laugh

Remember the old saying about laughter being the best medicine? There’s something to that! Fido and Fluffy definitely boost our spirits with their silly antics and adorable mannerisms and expressions. If that old adage is true, our four-legged pals may very well be worth their weight in gold.

Do you have questions about caring for your pet? Please contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO pet clinic, anytime.