Pet Nutrition Spotlight: Is Your Pet Overweight?

Is your pet overweight? Sources have shown an estimated 60 million cats and dogs in the United States are overweight -- that's 50% of all pets. Helping a pet lose weight can seem like a daunting task. If your dog is older, for example, taking him for a run in…

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Lakewood Veterinarian Discusses Spay and Neuter Services as Part of Puppy and Kitten Care

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, CO we perform many types of pet care including puppy and kitten care, pet wellness care, and pain management for when your pet is hurting or ill. One of the most common procedures that our veterinarians perform is surgery to spay or neuter…

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Lakewood Pet Vaccinations at Wadsworth Animal Hospital

Pet vaccinations protect your cats and dogs from diseases that can be fatal. Getting vaccines starting at a young age is part of your pet's regular preventative and wellness care. At Wadsworth Animal Hospital, our veterinarian team offers progressive pain management for your pet including vaccinations. Routine vaccinations from our…

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Lakewood Puppy and Kitten Care Keeps Your Animals Healthy

Lakewood puppy and kitten care includes emergency care for your pets as well as routine services. Our veterinarian and his staff are equipped to care for pets in our hospital during business hours in an emergency situation. We are concerned with keeping your pet healthy and comfortable. Bel Mar Vet…

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Our Lakewood Wadsworth Animal Hospital Blog

We at Wadsworth Animal Hospital are pleased to announce our new blog! As your local Lakewood veterinarian, we have been providing puppy and kitten care and senior pet care of all types since 1975. We feel that this blog will be an excellent way to keep our pet parents up…

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