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Helping Your Rescue Dog Settle In

October 15, 2022
October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! If you’re planning on bringing a new pooch into your home, going to a shelter is a great way to go. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses helping your new canine companion get settled in this article.

Coming Home

Take your four-legged pal for a walk around the block before letting him explore his new home. This will let Fido get his bearings, and get an idea of the lay of the land. If any areas are going to be off-limits, set that ground rule now and leave it off the tour.

Feeling Safe

Going to a new place can be overwhelming to our furry friends. Plus, many rescue dogs have been through a lot of stress and trauma. It’s important for your home to feel like a safe and cozy place for Fido. Pick up all of the doggy necessities he may need, such as comfy beds, toys, and, of course, treats. If you use a crate, put it in a quiet spot, somewhere your canine buddy can see and hear you without being too isolated.


Go slowly with introducing your new pup to the rest of the household. If you have another dog, let them meet before finalizing the adoption, if possible. This is especially important if either pooch has an alpha personality. Ask your vet for tips on this.


Our furry friends feel safest when they are kept on a steady schedule. Walk, feed, and play with Fido at the same times each day. Training can also help, as it can be a great confidence booster.

Don’t Expect Miracles

While some dogs immediately feel at home, others need time to feel safe. The 3/3/3 rule is a good yardstick for this: in general, it takes Fido three days to get his bearings, three weeks to settle in, and three months to really feel at home. However, this could be longer or shorter: it really depends on the pup and his history.


Love is the biggest thing. Fido may slip up at times: don’t punish him for these mishaps. Focus on providing rewarding good behavior and providing great care. You’ll be getting tail wags and happy dances before you know it! Contact us, your local Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, for your dog’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to thelp!