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Fall Cat Care

October 1, 2022
Summer is in the rear view mirror. As the weather cools, you may find your feline buddy spending lots of time in her favorite sunbeam or snuggling up in warm spots. Actually, Fluffy will probably sleep through most of autumn! However, there are a few seasonal hazards for you to be aware of. A local Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses fall cat care below.

Keep Kitty In

This applies all year long: cats are always in danger from things such as weather, traffic, and wild animals outdoors. However, fall can be particularly treacherous. It gets dark earlier, which increases kitties’ risk of getting lost or stuck out in bad weather. Plus, many wild animals will be looking for places to hibernate, and may be more aggressive than usual.

Decorate Carefully

Keep Fluffy in mind when putting seasonal decorations. Anything small or sharp can be hazardous to a playful pet. Things with ropes and cords, such as garlands or fake spiderwebs, can present choking or entangling hazards. Candles and potpourri burners should also be kept out of paws’ reach.

Watch Seasonal Hazards

Chemical ingestion is a big concern at this time of year. For one thing, many people are applying products such as pesticides or fertilizers to their land. Plus, as rodents try to get in, there is also an increased use of rodenticides, which can in turn poison hunting cats. Many seasonal plants are also toxic. Last but not least, there’s also a concern with antifreeze.

Parasite Control

Fleas and ticks may be more prevalent in summer, but they’re still around in winter as well. Keep up with your furry friend’s preventative care!


Fall is a peak time for shedding. Fluffy will lose a bit of extra fur as she changes into her winter wardrobe. Brushing her regularly will trap that dead hair and dander, and keep her clean and comfortable.


With the sun going down earlier, you may find yourself coming home after dark more often. If Fluffy stays home alone during the day, turn a light on for her before you leave.


Kitties must feel loved to truly be happy. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy. Talk to her, play with her, and let her snooze in your lap. Cats are great napping buddies! Is your feline pal due for an exam? Contact us, your local Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, anytime!