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Fall Care For Senior Cats

September 15, 2022
Fall officially starts next week! Like all of the other seasons, autumn presents some specific hazards for our feline pals … particularly seniors. Read on as a Wheat Ridge, CO vet offers some tips on keeping an older kitty happy and purring as the weather cools.


It’s already getting dark earlier. You may want to turn a light on before you leave in the morning. That way, your furry buddy won’t be left sitting home alone in a dark house.

Beds, Beds, And More Beds

Senior cats spend the vast majority of their time sleeping, and they like to seek out warm spots to curl up in. Make sure Fluffy has plenty of comfy beds to pick from! Your furry buddy will also appreciate having a thermal bed and/or a napping spot that gets a lot of light.


Fall is peak shedding season, so you’ll want to brush Fluffy a bit more often over the next few months. (This goes double for kitties that go outdoors.) If your feline friend has very thick or long fur, she may also need a hairball remedy.


Make sure that Fluffy’s litterbox isn’t in a place that is cold, dark, drafty, or hard to reach. Nobody likes a cold bathroom!

Safety Issues

Fall can be a dangerous time for kitties. Chemical ingestion is a major hazard, as so many people are using things like fertilizers and pesticides. Cold weather, traffic, and wild animals also pose serious risks. Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside!


We know, those pumpkin and cinnamon flavored candles are the perfect touch to a warm cozy atmosphere in fall. Just keep candles out of paws’ reach!


Somehow, kitties sleep even more than usual when it’s cold or dreary out. Fluffy is a great napping partner, and she also loves to snuggle up with her humans on chilly days. However, you will need to keep your feline buddy active. Take time to play with your cat every day. This will also be great for her mind!


Many seasonal favorites are toxic to kitties. That list includes chrysanthemum and red maple. If you do get any of these plants, keep them in places that Fluffy can’t reach. Check the ASPCA site here for more information. As your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing ‘purrfect’ care. Contact us anytime!