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Frozen Doggy Treats For Fido

August 15, 2022
The Dog Days of Summer are here! This time of year can be pretty hard on Man’s Best Friend. After all, Fido does have a fur coat on. It also isn’t easy for dogs to cool off if they get hot. One way to help your pup beat the heat and get that cute tail going? Offer him some frozen snacks! Here, a Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some snacks you can make your canine buddy.

Doggy Ice Cream

As it turns out, dogs like ice cream as much as we do. You’ll find plenty of recipes online. Here’s an easy one: combine ripe bananas with natural peanut butter and some fat-free yogurt. Freeze overnight for your four-legged friend.


This is an easy one! Just put some broken dog treats, shredded meat or chicken, cheese, kibble, or bacon bits into waxed paper cups. You can also add some dog-safe fruits, like bananas, blueberries, or peas. Pour water or sodium-free broth in, and stick a chew stick in the middle. Done!

Apple Treats

Put some seedless apple slices in ice cube trays. Add cheese, bacon bits, shredded chicken or turkey, and a bit of kibble. Pour sodium-free chicken broth over them and freeze. Instant happy pup!

Slice Of Heaven

This one is also super easy. Get a roll of cooked lamb, sausage, hamburger, or chicken. (This works with many canned dog foods, too.) Slice into small discs, and freeze. Just hand one to your furry friend when you want to give him a treat.


Cook up some hamburger or ground turkey. Drain the fat out, and then add water or sodium-free broth to thin the mix out. You can also add bacon bits and/or cheese. Just don’t go too crazy with these fatty foods. Divide into small portions on parchment paper, and freeze.

Kong Toys

One of the great things about these popular dog toys is the fact that they’re so versatile. You can fill them with things like organic baby food, peanut butter, or ripe bananas. Try freezing one with Fido’s favorite filling. This is great for puppies that are still in that adorable-but-destructive chewing phase.


No matter which option you pick, stick with ingredients you know are safe. Ask your vet for tips. As your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch veterinary care. Call us anytime!