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Halloween With Fido

October 15, 2021

Halloween is almost here! This time of year is absolutely gorgeous here in Colorado. It’s a great time for enjoying long walks with your canine pal, or perhaps sitting by a firepit with him. Autumn can be dangerous for pets, though, so you’ll want to keep a close eye on Fido. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses spending Halloween with Man’s Best Friend in this article.


We know, we know, Fido is the cutest cheeseburger ever. However, if you want to dress your dog up, you’ll need to make sure he is both comfortable and safe. Don’t put your furry friend in anything flammable, hot, itchy, or constricting. Items with zippers should also be a hard no, as is anything with buttons or small pieces your pooch may try to eat. Your pup’s outfit should fit him comfortably, without restricting his vision or movements.


Fido has a habit of wanting to investigate anything new in his domain. While he may very well bark at the mechanical zombie in your neighbor’s yard, the bigger concern is that he could try to eat or chew something dangerous. Anything small or sharp should be kept out of paws’ reach, as should items with ropes or cords, and anything that runs on power or batteries. 


Candy is another concern. Many of those classic Halloween favorites are toxic to dogs! Chocolate, as you may know, is extremely poisonous to Fido. Anything with raisins is also very unsafe, as are items that contain xylitol. Plus, smaller candies and candy wrappers both pose choking risks.


Halloween often brings a lot of extra traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. Be extra vigilant when walking Fido! Get reflective gear for both you and your pup, and stick to well-lit areas. If you have a yard for your pooch to chase squirrels in, you may want to limit his outdoor time. There may be a lot more foot traffic than usual, and the parade of costumed pedestrians could agitate your canine buddy.


Are you having guests and/or expecting Trick or Treaters? Tire Fido out with a fun walk and play session. You may want to put him in a quiet back room with toys and bedding once the door starts ringing, so the costumed guests don’t frighten him.

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