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Fun Facts About Poodles

October 1, 2021

Do you have a poodle? If so, you’ll want to set a reminder to get Fido a special treat tomorrow : it’s Poodle Day! This fun, energetic pooch definitely has some dedicated fans. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses this iconic breed below.

They Love Playing Fetch

Fetch may very well be Fido’s favorite game. Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs, so it isn’t a huge surprise to find that they absolutely love to run after things.

There Are Three Kinds

These curly canines come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. They’re all proportioned the same: it’s just a matter of how much dog you want!

Their History Is A Little Unclear

There’s a longstanding debate about whether poodles originated in France or Germany. Many people think it was Germany. The name ‘poodle’ seems to support that theory: in German, the word ‘pudel’ is derivative from ‘puddeln’, which means ‘to splash.’ However, some think the poodle originated in France. Either way, Fido has always been a water dog.

They Have 50 Different Haircuts!

Fido can sport a whopping 50 different haircuts. Of course, the most common one is the Continental clip, which leaves him with ‘pompoms’ on his head and paws.

Poodles Like Water

Our canine companions definitely have mixed opinions about water and swimming. The poodle, however, is definitely a fan!

They Started A Fashion Trend

We can’t talk about the poodle without at least mentioning the poodle skirt. The first one was made way back in 1947 by a lady named Juli Lynne Charlot. Charlot needed a dress but didn’t have the money to buy one. Her homemade creation was a big hit. It wasn’t long before Man’s Best Friend was added to the design. Ironically, though, the first dog on a poodle skirt was actually a dachshund.

They Joined The Circus

The poodle was once a popular circus dog. Fido’s intelligence and loyalty made him highly trainable. He performed all sorts of tricks, such as walking tightropes, and even learned some magic tricks. Of course, your canine pal’s main trick now may be making treats disappear.

They’re Adorable!

No matter what size or color Fido is, we do know one thing. Poodles are very cute and lovable, and they’re definitely very good boys!

Do you have questions about your poodle’s health or care? Contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, today!