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Senior Dog Care For Cold Weather

November 1, 2021

Winter is just over the horizon! At this time of year, many of our canine patients are starting to spend more time curled up in their beds than running and playing outside. If your pup is in his senior years, he’ll need some extra TLC at this time of year. Here, a Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses caring for Fido in frigid weather.


Good grooming won’t just keep Fido’s fur looking pretty: it will also keep him warm and comfy. Dead fur, dust, and dander all interfere with the natural insulating abilities of your pet’s coat. Be sure to brush and bathe your pooch regularly. You may want to consider going to a groomer, especially if you have a large dog. Fido will be able to get dried off quickly, so he won’t be sitting around with damp fur on a cool day. Plus, groomers have tables that are easy for dogs to get on and off. That may be easier on Fido than being picked up.


Fido may spend a chunk of winter in his doggy bed, dreaming of chasing squirrels and butterflies. Make sure he has a good, comfy bed, one that will support him and keep him cozy. Orthopedic beds are great for senior dogs!


Some dogs need to eat a little more in winter. Fido may also benefit from certain supplements, such as glucosamine and fish oil, which can help lubricate your pup’s bones and joints. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Fido probably won’t want to spend too much time outdoors when it gets cold out. However, he’ll still need some activity. You can play with your canine buddy inside. Just stick to soft areas with good traction, like a carpeted room. 


Dogs with thin fur will need sweaters or jackets in winter. We recommend getting your pooch two or three things. That way, he’ll always have something to wear if one is wet or dirty.

Veterinary Care

Arthritis and hip dysplasia are both very common in older dogs. Cold, damp weather can aggravate these conditions, and make your furry friend very stiff and sore. Watch for early warning signs, such as limping, stiffness, and licking or nibbling at sore spots. Contact your vet if you notice anything amiss. 


As your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, we’re here to help! Please contact us anytime!