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Fetch With Fluffy

October 15, 2023

National Fetch Day is coming up October 21st. Of course, we usually associate Fetch with our canine companions. However, there are also some kitties out there who enjoy this game. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet delves into this quirky feline behavior in this article.


Certain breeds are more inclined to playing Fetch than others are. At the top of that list are the Bengal, the Abyssinian, Burmese, Sphynx, and Ragdoll. Interestingly, many of these kitties show other traits that are more commonly associated with dogs, such as enjoying going for walks and even liking water. If your furry friend enjoys it, you can play Fetch with her, using a safe toy.

Kitty Reasoning

Why do some of our furry little friends play Fetch? Fluffy refuses, as always, to give us a straight answer, but we do have our suspicions. One possibility  is that it’s tied into the kitty hunting behaviors that led us to befriend cats in the first place. (It’s entirely possible that, thousands of years ago, some cute cat dropped a mouse at the foot of an unsuspecting family, then strolled inside and curled up by the fire.) While Fluffy’s hunting skills aren’t as necessary as they once were, many people do still appreciate the adorable pest control service kitties options.

Cat Burglars

There are also some kitties out there who take Fetch to a whole other level. Fluffy has been known to be, well, a bit of a thief. Let’s take George, a cute tuxedo cat who recently made the news for his attempt at stealing his owner’s expensive chocolates. (Note: chocolate is toxic to our feline friends.) Earlier this year, a British kitty named Harry also made the news for his red paws.

What’s behind this behavior? Some of our feline pals may just have gotten their signals crossed, and be following a vague instinctive drive to bring us things. The list of things Fluffy has stolen includes sausages, socks, toys, bikinis, purses, stuffed animals, to name just a few. Usually, this behavior is harmless, if frustrating. However, cats can get into trouble for stealing things that aren’t safe for them, such as ribbons or hair ties. If your pet is a furry klepto, keep her indoors, and store anything you don’t want her getting her red paws on out of reach. Also, provide lots of fun toys.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO animal clinic, today!