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Fun Facts About Beagles

April 15, 2023

Snoopy lovers, unite: April 22nd is National Beagle Day! These sweet little dogs definitely deserve to be celebrated. Beagles are not only impossibly cute, they’re also smart and fun, and make pawesome pets. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some interesting facts about the Beagle in this article. 

They’re Great Trackers

Beagles are scent hounds. As the name suggests, they are extremely good at following scent trails. Fido was actually originally used in hunting hares. However, these days he can be found sniffing out all sorts of things, from bed bugs to illegal drugs. In fact, the Department Of Homeland Security uses them to find smuggled food in luggage, which helps prevent the spread of diseases and parasites. The name of that canine agency? The Beagle Brigade.

They Can Sing 

Beagles are remarkable singers. Actually, Fido knows three different songs. First, we have the standard bark, a doggy staple. Beagles also bay, which is kind of a singing yowl. This is typically a hunting call. Your canine buddy may also howl … especially if he wants something.

Friends In High Places

Beagles have made some pretty important friends over the course of time. For example, Henry VII had a smaller version, known as the Glove Beagle. His granddaughter Queen Elizabeth I also liked the miniature models: she had Pocket Beagles, who charmed her guests with their singing abilities. 

Follow Their Noses

While all of our canine pals have a very acute sense of smell, Beagles are particularly honed in on scents. In fact, those floppy ears actually help them out, by capturing scent particles. There is a bit of a downside here, though. Fido will follow any scent he can pick up, and tends to have a one-track mind when he’s on the hunt. You’ll need a sturdy fence and a good leash.

They’re Cuddlebugs

Another reason to celebrate the Beagle? They’re extremely affectionate and cuddly. Fido really just wants nothing more than to hang out with his favorite humans, collecting belly rubs and ear scritches. 

Snoopy Is Real

Want to see something cute? Look up Bayley the Mini-Sheepadoodle. Although this adorable one-year old pooch is actually a cross between a Poodle and Old English Sheepdog, he bears an uncanny resemblance to the beloved animated Beagle. 

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