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Signs Of Doggy Dental Woes

April 1, 2023

Does your canine buddy know how to Smile? This adorable trick never stops being charming. Fido will still be adorable if his choppers are a little crooked. However, serious dental issues are anything but cute. These problems are not only very painful for your pooch, they can lead to dangerous infections. They’ve also been linked to some very serious health issues. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some red flags to look for in this article. 

Bad Breath 

Fido’s affectionate smooches will probably never smell fresh and minty. However, if your furry friend’s breath is really foul, he may have underlying dental troubles. 

Tartar Buildup

Visible tartar buildup is often a sign of gum disease, which affects a whopping 80 percent of dogs over the age of three. This is very concerning, because gum disease has been connected to serious health problems, such as heart, liver, and kidney issues. 


Man’s Best Friend has many charming traits … and a few that we are less enamored by, such as his tendency to drool. There are a few breeds in particular that tend to naturally be, well, a bit slobbery, such as Saint Bernards and Bulldogs. However, if your pup is suddenly drooling more than he used to, and/or if his saliva is ropy, bloody, or stringy, dental issues could be to blame.

Change In Eating Habits 

If there’s one thing all our canine companions have in common, it’s the fact that they are voracious eaters. Dental problems can definitely put the brakes on your furry buddy’s appetite. Fido may dribble food, chew on one side of his mouth, eat more slowly, or start preferring softer foods. In severe cases, he may not even finish his dinner.  


If you notice swelling anywhere on Fido’s face or head, take him to the vet immediately. This is often a sign of an infection, which is extremely dangerous that close to the brain.

Behavioral Clues

Toothaches are definitely not much of a mood boost. Uncharacteristic grumpiness, shying, withdrawal, and/or lack of interest in play are all signs that something is up. 


Many of these things can be indicative of many different health issues. Contact your vet immediately if you notice any of them.

If you notice signs of dental problems in your pup, contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO pet hospital, immediately. We’re here to help!