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November 15, 2022
There’s a new doggy holiday on the calendar. Wolfenoot may be our new favorite day! Wolfenoot is meant to celebrate the spirit of the wolf, Man’s Best Friend’s ancestor. It’s also a way to show appreciation and support for anyone who has been kind to animals, especially dogs and wolves. We’re definitely sold on this idea! A local Wheat Ridge, CO vet discusses this pawspicious occasion below.


Wolfenoot began with a little boy with a big heart. Back in 2018, the youngster told his mom that he wanted to celebrate The Spirit of The Wolf. The mom was immediately onboard, and helped the youngster create the very first Wolfenoot. It took place on a full moon, but that was actually a coincidence: the real reason Wolfenoot is celebrated on the 23rd is because that’s the anniversary of the Great Wolf’s death.


So how does one celebrate Wolfenoot? There are some pretty specific options for this. First and foremost, you’ll need to hide small gifts for the Wolfenati … which includes anyone who has been kind to animals. (If you have a dog, you can of course also get Fido involved and hide some snacks for him to find. When it’s time for dinner, be sure that red meat is on the table. Why red meat? Because that’s what wolves eat! (Vegans and vegetarians can of course substitute plant-based lookalikes.) For dessert, the official recommendation is a round cake with white frosting, decorated to look like the moon. You can wind down by reading the official Wolfenoot storybook.

Spreading The Word

It’s been pretty fun watching word of Wolfenoot spread, with more and more people coming on board every year. You can find official Wolfenoot accounts on all of the major social media sites. If you want to share information, be sure to use the appropriate hashtags. #Wolfenoot is the big one. There’s also what may be the most adorable hashtag ever: #nohateonlysnootboops.


Kindness is the meaning of this special day. There are plenty of ways to show kindness to our canine companions. Supporting local shelters and rescues is a perfect option. Of course, you’ll also want to get your own pup’s tail going by giving him a special toy or treat. Please reach out with any questions about your pet’s health or care? As your local Wheat Ridge, CO pet hospital, we’re always happy to help.