Progressive Pain Management

Progressive Pain Management

Progressive Pain Management

Progressive pain management is essential to pet wellness care. For cat and dog owners, this can be determined by how a pet receives medication during treatment. Our Lakewood veterinarian team focuses on progressive pain management in order to meet what is best for the individual pet. By learning the early signs of pain or discomfort in our pets, we are able to provide the proper care to help prevent future conditions from occurring and to treat symptoms more effectively and efficiently.

Progressive pain management in a veterinary setting includes the ability to understand animal responses to pain. Veterinarians and staff are trained to determine signals that a dog or cat may be giving to exhibit discomfort. Signs generally include loss of normal behavior, expression of abnormal behavior (barking, crying, whining), reaction to touch (flinching), and elevated heart rate or respiratory rate. Older pets and younger pets each exhibit these characteristics differently, which is another reason why the inclusion of progressive pain management is quite important to our Lakewood animal hospital.

Knowing your pet’s behavioral patterns is important for recognizing any pain. By starting with proper puppy and kitten care at the beginning stages, it will help to ensure a healthy life for your pet as it continues into its adult years. Puppy and kitten care will include keeping vaccinations up-to-date, scheduling regular check-ups, and starting your pet on a healthy dietary and exercise plan, which will help make future trips to the vet hassle-free.

Lakewood, Englewood, Arvada, Littleton, and Denver pet owners interested in scheduling a pet wellness care or puppy and kitten care appointment with our office can contact us at 303-234-1549.

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