Pet Dermatology Can Be the Key to Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Pet Dermatology Can Be the Key to Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Many pet owners look at their dog or cat scratching and think that they’re simply itchy or might have fleas. While we all, humans and animals alike, scratch sometimes because of dry skin or temporary irritations, if your pet is scratching or biting at its skin on a consistent basis, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital we are experienced in pet dermatology, and can diagnose and treat dermatologic problems, both minor and major.

Treating Pet Skin Problems Is an Important Part of Pet Wellness Care
Preventive medicine is a large part of how we care for your dog or cat. When you bring your pet to one of our Lakewood veterinarians for a regular pet wellness care check-up, we can make a skin examination part of the appointment. Doctors can diagnose many different ailments affecting the skin and fur.
Mange is a skin disease which occurs when the pet has an infestation of mites that affect the skin and hair. It can cause skin lesions, hair loss, severe itchiness, sores, and secondary bacterial infections. Some cases of mange go away on their own. The others we can treat with medications or specialized topical treatments.

Flea control is a major complaint among dog owners, but did you know that some dogs are actually allergic to flea bites? Flea bite allergy can appear at any age. It can cause severe itching leading to sores and scabs on the skin and even hair loss. Flea control is essential for dogs with this sensitivity, but our Lakewood veterinarians can also prescribe medications to combat the allergic reaction and secondary infection in the most severe cases.
Skin tumors, some of which are cancerous, can develop in dogs. Many smaller tumors can be removed and biopsied with surgery. If you suspect your dog has skin cancer, we can evaluate the area to help determine the need for further treatment.

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