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Adopting A Pet At The Holidays? Do’s And Don’ts

December 1, 2023

Happy Holidays! This can be a special time of year for our furry friends. While there’s no bad time to adopt a pet, many shelters do see an uptick in adoptions around the holidays. We love seeing any pet go to a loving home, but we do want to offer a few words of caution when it comes to holiday adoptions. In this article, a local Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some do’s and don’ts of holiday pet adoptions.

Take Adoption Seriously

We know, Fluffy and Fido are adorable. It can be easy to get wrapped up in thinking of what a special moment that big reveal will be. However, adoption is forever, and isn’t something to take lightly. When you adopt a pet, you’re signing on for years—or even decades—of providing love and care to that animal.

Never Gift Pets

No matter how strongly you think your loved one would benefit from having a furry friend, getting that puppy or kitten for them is probably not a good idea. Caring for pets takes time and work. There are also financial concerns to keep in mind. Your friend or family member may be facing hardships you don’t know about, in which case adding a pet to their household only increases their burden. Plus, it’s important for people to feel connected to their animal companions. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t help someone get a pet. If you know someone is planning to get a pet in the near future, consider getting them a gift certificate to a nearby pet store.

Ease Them In

Christmas morning is a huge event in many households. However, it can get pretty chaotic. Kids are often bouncing with excitement over their presents, and may be playing with some loud and flashy toys. Plus, there’s the additional commotion of visitors. That can all be overwhelming for Fido and Fluffy, who will already be unsettled by the strange faces, voices, smells, and environment. Choose a quieter time, and help them settle in peacefully.


Petproofing is always important, but it’s extra-crucial around the holidays. Anything small or sharp is unsafe. That includes everyday items, like beads, safety pins, buttons, and coins, as well as holiday ornaments, such as small trinkets and ornament hooks. Ropy or stringy items are also unsafe, as are candles, plastic wraps and ties, and many seasonal plants. Ask your vet for more information.  

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO pet hospital, anytime!