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How To Talk Cat

March 1, 2023

Do you have a chatty cat? Or is your furball usually quiet, except when she wants to let you know she’s ready for dinner? Just like people, kitties all have their own unique vocalization patterns. In fact, Fluffy can make about 100 different sounds … most of them being direct orders, of course. A Wheat Ridge, CO vet offers some advice on how to properly have a conversation with Fluffy in this article.


When you talk to Fluffy, she may not understand what you’re saying, but she will respond to the sound of your voice. Always use a friendly tone when talking to your little buddy. 

Baby Talk 

You don’t ‘have’ to do the baby-talk voice when talking to your furball. However, studies suggest that cats do enjoy it. In fact, many kitties have meows that sound like the cries of human babies. This probably isn’t just a cute coincidence. Most likely, Fluffy figured out early on that mimicking the sounds of human infants is a great way to yank at our heartstrings. This of course results in us offering food, shelter, lap space, and later, things like catnip, toys, and treats. 


When you’re working on teaching Fluffy better petiquette, use the same words every time. Don’t tell her ‘No’ and then ‘Get off there’ the next. Use a stern tone of voice, but don’t yell. 


It’s perfectly fine for you to talk to your feline pal for no reason at all. Fluffy may not be very good at offering advice, but she’s great at keeping secrets. This is also a fun way to bond with your kitty … and safely vent about your boss.

Calling Your Pet

When it comes to training cats, well, usually they train their humans, rather than it being the other way around. However, it is a good idea to teach your feline friend to come when you call. (Fluffy may very well choose to ignore you, but that’s another topic.)


Here’s a fun game to try. When your kitty meows at you, meow back at her, imitating her tone as closely as possible. Your furry buddy may pick up on the game, and carry on a whole conversation with you! 

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your Wheat Ridge, CO pet hospital, today! We’re here to help!