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Doggy Date Night Ideas

February 1, 2022

Doggy Date Night is February 3rd! This cute pet holiday is actually a reminder for people to spend some quality time with their pets. Fido is very loyal and loving, and really just wants to spend time with you. Show your pup some extra TLC on this ‘pawspcious’ occasion. Read on as a Wheat Ridge, CO vet lists some ideas for celebrating with your faithful pet.


Fido isn’t very interested in roses, and you definitely should never give him chocolate. (It’s toxic to dogs.) However, why not pick up a new toy for your pooch? Playtime is a great way to spend time with your canine friend, and get that cute tail going. 


No doggy holiday is complete without a yummy treat. Fido won’t mind if you buy his snacks, but you can also try making some yourself. Just stick to ingredients that are safe for your canine pal. You can use a cute heart-shaped mold to make them look nice! 


Did you know that many dogs actually like learning new things? Getting praised and rewarded for performing a command is a huge confidence booster for our furry friends. This is great at helping a timid pooch come out of their shell. Work on the basics, or teach Fido a new trick!

Photo Session

Fido is very photogenic, and has always taken good pictures. However, the filters and effects available on modern phone apps have really taken puppy photography to a new level. Snap some cute pics of your four-legged buddy.


Our canine companions love to accompany their humans to various places. It may be too cold for parks and trails right now, but you can take Fido to a dog-friendly pet store and let him pick out a toy.

Movie Time

Fido is always happy to hang out with you as you’re relaxing and watching a movie. Why not pick a fun flick that features Man’s Best Friend? Lady and the Tramp is a great family-friendly choice, but there are plenty of other cute ones to pick from.

Double Date

It’s always good for Fido to spend time with other pups. Consider getting together with friends or family members that have dogs of their own, so your furry pal can play with his buddies.

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