Why Our Veterinarian Recommends Regular Grooming

Why Our Veterinarian Recommends Regular Grooming

Grooming a dog is important for several reasons including both taking care of their health and hygiene. Factors such as unpleasant odor, broken or razor-sharp cuticles, or if your pet scratches himself obsessively can either indicate or lead to serious health problems. For this reason our team at Wadsworth Animal Hospital takes dog grooming seriously as a way to help these pets stay well.
A smelly dog probably has a combination of dead skin cells and natural oils nestled in his hair. This combination offers a ready food source to bacteria, which can feed on it until skin irritations and infections develop. Your dog then scratches the irritated area, breaking the skin and creating even more potential for infection, especially in the presence of fleas, ticks and other pests. We examine your pet’s skin as we gently bathe these irritants away, and if we find an infection or other skin disease, we can recommend the appropriate treatment. We will also brush out mats or knots that may pull at the skin and cause additional irritation.

Nail trimming is also important in dog grooming. Your pet’s toenails are genetically programmed to grow, relying on the external environment to wear them down. Domesticated animals who do not subject their nails to the outdoors only can develop severely overgrown nails which tear loose, causing painful and/or infected toes. We will cut and buff your dog’s nails down to a manageable level, protecting not only his health but also your wood floors!
Dog grooming also gives us an opportunity to spot any other health issues early on. Ear infections, for instance, may start as collections of tiny mites in the outer ear, while eyes may show signs of disease. The sooner our veterinarian knows about a problem, the better.

Grooming Services for Lakewood, Belmar and Littleton Pets
Schedule your Lakewood, Belmar or Littleton dog for a veterinary grooming session at our animal hospital. Healthy skin, trimmed nails and clean hair all make for a happier pet!

Has your dog ever developed a skin condition? How was it treated?

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