Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer Months

Tips to Keep Your Pet Cool During the Summer Months

Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, our Colorado veterinarians are happy to work with a variety of pets and their owners. The warm weather often brings with it an increase in pet emergencies, but with proper care these can often be avoided.

Summer Pet Care Means Staying Cool
Our Colorado veterinarians at Wadsworth Animal Hospital tell clients that one of the best ways to keep your pets cool during the dog days of summer is simply to make sure your pet has plenty of fresh cool water to drink. Dogs typically do two basic things to regulate their body temperature: Panting is the first of those as it helps them cool down. The other way to cool down quickly when overheated is to drink fresh cool water. If your pet has water outdoors, you may want to add ice cubes to the water as a regular part of your summer pet care since the water can become too hot very quickly.

When you take your pet out and about with you, make sure that you keep a close eye on how your pet is handling the weather. Watch for signs of heatstroke, which can include: hard panting, sudden vomiting, exaggerated gait/trouble walking, accelerated heartbeat, disorientation, pacing or other restless behavior, or discolored dark gums. If you start to see any of these signs, get your pet to a cool area as soon as possible, give him cool water or ice cubes, and call the Wadsworth Animal Hospital right away.

Another important part of pet wellness during the summer months can be specially made cooling beds or bandanas. The bandanas are made to impart immediate cool when draped around the neck, so they can be helpful for on the go pet care in the hot months. The cooling beds are made with special polymer crystals that can hold a lot of water. As the water gradually evaporates, the pet will be cooled but will still stay dry thanks to the specially made bed covering.

We want for all of our pet client to be happy and healthy year round, but especially during these hot and often uncomfortable months.

What are your favorite pet wellness tips for summertime?

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