A Tasty Approach to Pet Wellness Care

A Tasty Approach to Pet Wellness Care

With the recent recall of many Nestle Purina and Milo’s Kitchen pet jerky treats, you may find yourself scrambling to replace these products with a pet-safe alternative. Or maybe you are a first-time pet owner wondering what kinds of foods you can give your pet for an occasional between-meal snack or reward. Here are a few healthy suggestions from our veterinarian at Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood:

Go green. Believe it or not, many fruits and vegetables hold great appeal not only for pocket pets but to dogs and cats as well. Green beans, carrots and broccoli are prime examples of healthy natural snacks that enhance pet nutrition without causing obesity. Apple slices, frozen peas and berries are also popular. We can advise you as to which fruits and veggies are safe for your particular animal (some have toxic effects).
Say cheese. Cheese contains protein and calcium, though low-fat cheese is obviously a healthier choice than the fattier varieties. To keep your pet from getting too much sodium and fat, reserve this treat for special occasions and issue tiny portions. Cheese can also prove a useful delivery vehicle for an unpleasant-tasting pill when administering medication.

Consider dental health. If you would like your pet to enjoy healthier teeth and gums, you can purchase treats designed to promote this aspect of pet wellness care. Certain mealtime and snack products contain ingredients that help scrape accumulations of plaque away from the tooth enamel, helping to prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
Do not feed your pet from the table. The foods we eat generally contain more fat, sodium and starches that pets should consume. Feeding your pet table scraps as treats may contribute to excess weight gain and other problems. Chicken bones even pose a potential choking hazard.

Smart Snacking for your Lakewood Pet
If you would like to learn more about treats that support pet nutrition, talk to our veterinarian. We can help make your pet’s snack time healthy and safe!

What treat does your pet currently love? Describe it!

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