Specialized Senior Pet Care for Your Pets

Specialized Senior Pet Care for Your Pets

We at Wadsworth Animal Hospital are so pleased to be the Lakewood veterinarian here for every phase of your pet’s life. Our veterinary team has extensive expertise with senior pet care. Our senior pet program is a comprehensive one that includes all the necessary routine and emergency care, including progressive pain management, pet acupuncture and pet nutrition. Our Lakewood veterinarian recognizes that your senior pet needs specialized care, so today’s blog is about how senior pet care is different from the care of younger pets.
Different Elements of Senior Pet Care
Senior pet care is different because your older pet’s body is not as strong or as able to fight off illness as it was previously. Fortunately, our veterinary team has a senior pet plan that is designed to recognize these differences and to help fight and prevent illness. Twice yearly senior care checkups should be the cornerstone of a wellness program for your older dog or cat. During checkups the vet will do a full exam as well as discuss any issues.
A diagnostic blood screen is often used to get accurate health information about senior pets. These blood tests are easily performed when your pet is here for a checkup. These tests include blood count, blood chemistry, a urinalysis and a thyroid panel. This blood screening is important because older pets are more vulnerable to issues like thyroid problems, and the lab results are able to diagnose issues like that early on.

Arthritis or other joint problems are common issues with older pets, and these issues can frequently be alleviated with the addition of pet nutrition supplements like Glucosamine and Chondroitin to your senior’s diet. Senior mobility problems may be eased with use of pet acupuncture, which also helps relieve pain and is part of the progressive pain management plan.
Your senior pet may need some changes at home as well, such as an orthopedic bed to ease aching joints or addition of ramps if the stairs are too difficult to navigate. How have you noticed your pet changing with age?

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