Lakewood Veterinarians Encourage Pet Owners to Spay and Neuter Pets

Lakewood Veterinarians Encourage Pet Owners to Spay and Neuter Pets

Deciding to spay or neuter your pet is the beneficial decision for a number of reasons. The pet shelter system in the United States is over-burdened, with more than six million pets in shelters yearly. Controlling the pet population is one reason to get your pet spayed or neutered, but it is far from the only reason, according to our veterinary team at Wadsworth Animal Hospital in Lakewood, Colorado. Spaying or neutering your pet is part of routine pet wellness and pet care.

Health Benefits of Spay or Neuter Surgery
When our Lakewood veterinarians spay a female pet, their uterus and ovaries are removed, considerably reducing risk for breast cancer and for infections of the uterus. Neutering a male pet, or removing his testicles, has a number of benefits for his health, note our Lakewood veterinarians. The sooner your pet is neutered, the lower his risk for testicular cancer.

Better Behavior

Spaying or neutering your pet as part of their pet wellness routine at Wadsworth Animal Hospital will improve their behavior considerably. Male pets are less likely to roam away from home, in search of a mate, after they have been neutered. Male pets that are not neutered tend to be more aggressive and more likely to mark their territory around your house, usually by urinating in inappropriate places.

When a female pet is spayed as part of her pet care routine, she will not enter a heat cycle. Female cats in heat are a force to be reckoned with. They meow very loudly and urinate all over the place in an attempt to attract a mate. The heat cycle for cats lasts for around five days and takes place every three weeks during breeding season.

When to Do it

The younger a pet is spayed or neutered, the better. At Wadsworth Animal Hospital, our veterinarian recommends to spay and neuter your pet before they reach 6 months of age. The surgery should be done on females before they enter their first heat cycle.

Have you had your pet spayed or neutered?

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