Pet Wellness Care: Grooming Tips

Pet Wellness Care: Grooming Tips

Grooming plays an important role in pet wellness care. When you take time to groom your pet, you are imparting many benefits that extend beyond mere aesthetics. In fact, regular pet grooming can impact your pet’s overall long term health. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we believe that your pet’s dermatological needs can be met through regular dog grooming, which can serve to prevent the onset of certain diseases and conditions.

For example, fleas are a common complaint among pet owners who let their dogs outside for long periods of time. Fleas are not only annoying to your pet, but they can also spread diseases and tapeworms. With regular professional grooming, however, fleas are more manageable and easier to avoid.
By using a professional groomer, you can also avoid injuring your dog when clipping his or her nails. Clipping too much of the nail can cause bleeding and intense pain. Professionals know how to identify the areas of the nail that are safe to clip without injuring your pet.

Furthermore, taking advantage of regular dog grooming can mean early detection of certain diseases and conditions while they are more easily managed. Groomers can readily identify problems or symptoms that may otherwise be overlooked. Examples include rashes and lumps that could indicated the presence of an underlying disease.
Dog Grooming in Lakewood
At our Lakewood office, we offer more than just routine pet wellness care. Each veterinarian in our office has experience with pet dermatology, which is significantly affected by pet grooming habits. We recommend that our clients take advantage of in-house grooming and pet dermatology services to keep animals healthy and looking good.

We offer hair cutting services appropriate to each breed, as well as gentle bathing and styling services. We can carefully file your pet’s nails to a comfortable length, and we can clean around the ears, nose and eyes. Ultimately, our goal is to help your pet achieve good hygiene in the most comfortable way possible.
Do you currently visit a veterinarian for professional dog grooming?

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