Pet Senior Care Issues

Pet Senior Care Issues

Dog and Cat Vet Care for the “Golden Years”
As your pet passes from puppy and adulthood into old age, his health and wellness needs may undergo a transition as well, requiring you to schedule annual vet visits. Here are some of the changes that can occur:

Vision and hearing. Pets may encounter trouble seeing or hearing as they grow old. Some elderly animals develop an inner-ear imbalance that causes disorientation and dizziness. Annual checkups are an important part of senior dog and cat vet care because they help us detect these problems early.
Musculoskeletal system. Arthritis can happen to the best of us, pets included, as we get older. Joints become stiff and painful when the cartilage between them deteriorates. Exercise and pet acupuncture can help with pain management and freedom of motion.

Teeth. Regular pet dental care is important because teeth wear down naturally after years of use. Cracked and broken teeth can occur and require prompt dental treatment, while untreated gum disease can cause not only pain but dangerous infections.
Internal organs. Some animals lose bladder control as they grow older. Kidney trouble is another issue calling for senior dog and cat vet care. The heart and lungs may not function as well as they once did, especially if heartworm has gone unchecked. If you feel a strange lump on your pet, a skin tumor may require surgical removal.

Nutrition. Older, more sedentary pets will gain weight unless you adjust their meal portions. A pet senior care plan may also involve a switch to a different nutritional balance, especially for animals with kidney problems. Obesity contributes to heart and kidney failure while also placing an extra strain on painful, arthritic joints.
Your Veterinary Place for Pet Senior Care
At Wadsworth Animal Hospital we administer pet vaccinations, dental care, pet acupuncture and other services to ensure a healthy life for pets of all ages. Let us evaluate your pet and advise you on best practices to keep him well!
How do you care for your pets differently as they begin to age?

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