Is Your Pet Ready for the Holidays?

Is Your Pet Ready for the Holidays?

As the holiday season draws near, pet owners need to think about ways to ensure that their pets can enjoy the household festivities without coming to any harm. Here are some tips from your friends at Wadsworth Animal Hospital:

Decorate with caution. Tinsel looks pretty on a Christmas tree, but it can pose a choking hazard for curious (or hungry) pets. Hang your decorations high enough to keep them out of snout or paw range. Consider buying an artificial tree instead of a natural one, as the water required to preserve natural trees may contain toxic substances.

Hide the cables. Holiday lights mean lots of electrical wiring, which in turn could mean electrocution for a pet who chews on it. Find a way to run the necessary cables underneath rugs or string them high up along the walls.

Reserve the holiday treats for the humans. Chocolate, nuts and other popular holiday foods can cause severe digestive upsets or other health emergencies in dogs and cats. Ask your guests not to give your pets any human foods, and put the candy and cookies away behind cabinet or refrigerator doors so animals cannot get into them.

Facilitate smooth interactions. If your pets like to jump up on guests or bark their greetings, either hire a trainer to squelch these habits or prepare a private room for your pets to stay when guests arrive. In fact, you should prepare a “quiet zone” for your pet anyway, in case he finds noisy strangers stressful.

Need Any Last-Minute Wellness Care?
If your pet needs vaccinations, dental care or a general wellness evaluation, we encourage you to get those routine yet necessary services scheduled and performed before the holiday season reaches its chaotic peak. If a misfortune does occur during the holiday festivities, remember that we can treat emergencies during regular office hours and give referrals to reliable off-hours emergency care. Have a healthy holiday!

Has your pet ever caused a ruckus during a holiday gathering? Tell us the story!

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