Does Your Pet Need Emergency Care?

Does Your Pet Need Emergency Care?

Pain is one of the most common conditions that bring pets to our animal hospital for emergency dog and cat vet care. Wadsworth Animal Hospital has the experienced staff and facilities to effectively administer pet emergency care, and we also provide pet wellness care to help prevent emergencies in the first place.
Pain, Trauma, and Bite Wounds Top Common Emergencies Requiring Dog and Cat Vet Care
Signs of pain can include agitation and aggression, pacing and restlessness, and a rapid heart rate or panting. The cause is not always obvious, but we can alleviate the pain and determine the cause. If a chronic condition is behind the pain, we can immediately begin a progressive pain management program. Progressive pain management is an important part of our pet wellness care, as pain levels do not always remain consistent. A progressive pain management plan allows us to adapt our care to meet current pain levels to ensure your pet does not suffer needlessly.
Blunt force trauma merits pet emergency care, even if the incident appears not to have caused any damage. Our emergency dog and cat vet care can include surgery for blunt force trauma, and our animal hospital can provide a full physical to ensure your pet did not sustain any internal injuries.

Bite wounds from other animals rank high as common pet emergencies. Whether your dog gets into a fight at the park or your cat has a tussle with a neighborhood stray, a trip to our vet is a must. Our dog and cat vet care can include stitches to stop bleeding and an examination to determine if any underlying damage has been done. Pet vaccinations are part of every pet wellness care plan we prescribe, and keeping current with your pet vaccinations helps prevent the spread of contagious diseases that can result from a bite from an unknown animal.
What other incidents have you encountered that required emergency pet care?

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