Pet Dental Care Matters!

Pet Dental Care Matters!

Clean, healthy teeth and gums play an essential role in pet wellness care. Chewing prepares food for digestion, and your pet cannot chew properly with painful or decayed teeth. Additionally, food particles combined with saliva form plaque on the teeth and at the gum line. This plaque invites bacteria, which can destroy the teeth and invade your pet’s bloodstream. Here are a few ways you can help your pet avoid such problems.
Advice from Your Lakewood Veterinarian
Choose the right foods. Dry foods tend to do a better job than wet foods of preventing plaque accumulation. Prepared foods also support your pet’s overall health better than table scraps can.
Provide chew toys. Rawhide “bones” and other chew toys help scrape food and plaque off of tooth surfaces. Choose these items instead of bones, which may either splinter in your pet’s mouth or damage his teeth.
Brush your pet’s teeth. Our veterinarian can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth evenly and thoroughly. Pet supply stores offer special meat-flavored veterinary toothpastes, so your dog or cat may actually come to enjoy this ritual.

Arrange for annual checkups. Dogs and cats need a clean bill from the dentist just like their owners do. We can inspect the teeth and mouth for any trouble signs and perform a deep cleaning to remove stubborn buildup to help prevent oral health problems down the road.
Have us treat dental emergencies. If your pet has swollen or bleeding gums, oral cysts or tumors, or refuses to eat because of obvious pain, bring him to our animal hospital so we can provide prompt treatment. We can perform extractions or repairs as needed to deal with problem teeth and preserve healthy ones.

Contact our Lakewood office to learn more about pet dental care. We offer a full range of dental and pet wellness care services, including puppy and kitten care, and will be happy to help your pet, too!
What is your pet’s favorite chew toy? Tell our readers about it!

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