Benefits of Preventative Dog and Cat Vet Care

Benefits of Preventative Dog and Cat Vet Care

Wadsworth Animal Hospital has provided dog and cat vet care to our neighbors in Lakewood since 1975. One thing we always stress to pet owners is the importance of preventative care. Our veterinarians believe it is always better to prevent illness than wait until it is too late. That is why many of our services are aimed at maintaining your pets’ health, and why we recommend regular checkups for your pet.
Our veterinarian in Lakewood knows that each pet has unique needs, based on its health history, breed, age and lifestyle so we develop an individualized treatment program for each of our patients. The foundation of pet wellness is pet vaccinations. These start with core vaccinations as soon as your bring your new puppy or kitten home. Our veterinarian will then determine a schedule of pet vaccinations that is most appropriate to your pet’s needs.

Pet dental care is one area that has been found to be extremely important to overall health. During the regular examination we check all areas of your pet’s body and teeth. Dental care may include x-rays, cleaning, polishing and application of fluoride. If your pet’s teeth are in poor condition our veterinarian may also advise you on pet dental care steps you can take at home.
Our Veterinarian in Lakewood Provides Pet Wellness Tips
It’s important that all your pets receive proper pet nutrition to help keep them strong, healthy and active. Our veterinarian can provide a nutritional consultation to analyze your pet’s diet based on its age, size, species, and activity level, and make recommendations regarding diet and pet nutrition.
Progressive pain management is the philosophy we follow to manage your pet’s pain as it ages. By learning to detect early signs of discomfort we can provide progressive pain management to treat early symptoms more effectively and lessen the impact of future conditions.

What other steps can you take to help your pet stay healthy? Bring your pet in for a checkup and ask the pet professionals at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, your other family doctor

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