Why Animal Dental Care Matters

Why Animal Dental Care Matters

This may seem like an odd question, but how does your pet’s breath smell? Bad breath in pets (along with puffy or bleeding gums, discomfort while eating, lost teeth and blood on chew toys) is no joke; it usually indicates some level of dental disease. In fact, nearly 80 percent of pets suffer dental problems that can spread to other parts of the body. Animal dental care is just as important as human dental care. Just imagine going for weeks, months or years without brushing your teeth! Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we provide cat and dog teeth cleaning, oral surgery when necessary, and training for pet owners on starting a daily pet dental hygiene routine.

Three Reasons Dental Care for Pets Is Important
Dental Disease Hurts; Animal Dental Care Helps—Have you ever suffered a toothache? Then you know how many pets feel every day. Dental pain makes it hard to eat, hard to chew and hard to train or play. Dental care for pets is important because it prevents and alleviates suffering.

Dental Problems Spread; Pet Dental Care Protects—Cat and dog teeth cleaning is about more than just neutralizing bad breath, it is about preventing damage to your pet’s teeth and potentially other parts of the body. Bacteria are what damage your pet’s teeth, gums and the structures that hold them in place. These same bacterial strains can enter the bloodstream via open sores in your pet’s mouth. If allowed to fester, they can cause damage to your pet’s heart, lungs, kidneys, liver and nervous system! Dog dental care and cat dental care, at home and here in the office, can stop the damage from going that far.

Animal Dental Care Improves Your Pet’s Life—An annual cat or dog teeth cleaning and exam at our Animal Hospital, along with daily home dog dental care or cat dental care can prevent painful and expensive problems for your pet so he or she can enjoy better health!

Do you brush your pet’s teeth regularly? What tips do you have for beginners?

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