4 Reasons Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

4 Reasons Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

When it comes to your pet’s health and wellbeing, vaccinations are a necessary part of proper preventative health care. Here at Wadsworth Animal Hospital, we work with you to ensure that your pet stays healthy and happy throughout every phase of life, and making sure your pets are up to date on necessary vaccinations is part of that promise. Pet vaccinations are more than just a standard veterinary procedure, though. Here are 4 reasons why cat and dog vaccinations matter.Reasons Why Pet Vaccinations Matter

1. Vaccinations Help Your Pets Live Longer

Many common cat and dog diseases can be fatal, including rabies, canine parvovirus and feline infectious peritonitis. Vaccines can protect your pet from these diseases so you never need to worry about your beloved pet falling prey to these deadly infections.

2. Canine and Feline Vaccinations Save You Money

While there are treatments for some vaccine-preventable diseases, getting your pet vaccinated costs far less than trying to save your pet’s life after an infection has taken hold. Some diseases, such as coronavirus, tend to be short-lived, but they can cause long-lasting complications and side effects that affect your pet’s long-term comfort and health in addition to increasing the costs associated with pet ownership.

3. Pet Vaccinations Keep Your Animals Happy and Healthy

Because a vaccinated pet is protected against common diseases, you don’t have to worry about keeping your pet away from other animals who could be a source of infection. Your vaccinated dog can participate in playtime at the local dog park, while vaccinated cats can freely enjoy cuddling with other household cats and dogs.

4. Vaccinations Protect Kittens and Puppies

If you have new kittens or puppies in your household, they may be too young for canine and feline vaccines. Having all of your other pets vaccinated ensures that they aren’t carrying a hidden infection that could affect the new kitten or puppy.

How do you keep track of pet vaccination schedules to make sure your cat or dog is up to date on all the necessary vaccines?

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